Binary never lies


Hope everyone’s having a good week, sorry ive not posted the last couple of days I’ve been mega busy and havn’t been near a computer in a wee while.

Anynoo! Today im going to tell you aaall about one of my more recent paintings.

Its called ‘binary never lies’

It was painting for my last exhibition entitled ‘uninvited’ which was a joint exhibition with my friend photographer Gary Maclennan (ill post more about him soon)

Although i would usually like the viewer to find their own meaning when looking at  a painting I’d like to clear up that despite what some people thought the piece is not reflective of myself and i am not suicidal,

as with the rest of the exhibition it was more about the acceptance of technology and the idea of robots etc being self aware and how they might react in our society.

It’s actually one of my favourite peices and hangs in my room just above my bed.

I will be getting prints made up of this within the next week or so,ill keep you posted!

thanks again for reading!



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