Sundays art stall


Today i had a little art stall,its something i do quite regularly(about every month or so) with the Glasgow craft mafia usually around town in restaurants, student unions and libraries.

Not only is this a great way of getting my work about its also great for meeting other creatives more than happy to help each other out,share crafty tips and tricks and generally just have a good natter.

Todays stall was in a mono,a nice vegan restaurant not to far from the city centre, i took a picture of my little set up.

My stall

As i had a swatch round the other stalls, chatting to all the venders, i met a nice cake-maker who offered me a marshmallow,but there was something different about these marshmallows.

square marshmallows

They were square! who’s ever heard of square marshmallows? apparently their the norm in american but i was amazed and the tasted osm!

I ended up buying one of her cupcakes later on in the day, i think you’ll agree it looked too good to eat.


yummy! what a lovely day! right im going to stop going on about food now.

for more about the craft mafia please visit

Take care!



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One Response to “Sundays art stall”

  1. Rob Says:

    For anyone reading this. This woman makes the best cakes ever. It was almost a shame to eat them. Like killing a unicorn

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