Another one of my favourite illustrators

Hello! I’d like to share with you another one of my favourite illustrators.

Today its the ever popular Oliver Jeffers who not only is a fantastic illustrator but also a great story teller,who has written some of the best kids books Ive ever read (yea i still read kids books who doesn’t!)

This picture is from ‘lost and found’ a story about a boy trying to help a lost penguin!


It’s a very heartwarming story and i’d recommend it to anyone,even if your a grown up.
What i love about Olivers work is its so simple,and every picture tells the story so well,so well in fact i doubt the books even need words at all!
He’s also a master of watercolours which I’m very envious of.

*sigh* one day!

For more about oliver check out his site or even better your closest book shop to have a swatch for yourself!

have an osm day!



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2 Responses to “Another one of my favourite illustrators”

  1. Kirstyn Says:

    i think you should write a childrens book.

    • neilslorance Says:

      thanks! its an idea ive always toyed with,and ive actually drawn a story board for one, i should be making some more progress with it later on in the year :) nx

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