Ive been trying to think of some new characters recently and while i was sitting on the train today this little idea popped in my head.
i thought it must be quite hard being a vampire, especially if you have a bit of a guilty conscience.
so i got out my little black book (no not that one) and doodled this little guy.

As you can see he’s having a little trouble adapting to being a vampire, though im sure one day he will bite a real person, or even a real bear!

I like the name Horris, i dont know why but i think it suits him, I also thought a nice black gothic wooden frame would suit him so i made it so!

A perfect match!

Hope everyones good!

Thanks for reading take care!



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3 Responses to “Horris”

  1. Pidgey Says:

    Mannnnn that’s such a cute wee picture. I LIKE IT! :]

  2. Kirstyn Says:

    awww :)

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