Start a Boycott!

Hey peeps, hope everyone’s doing well!

Last night(so many good stories start with ‘last night’ don’t they?) I went to see a band in town, It was their e.p launch actually, but what was special about this was i had actually designed the artwork for their e.p as well as posters,tshirts etc.

It was a great gig,and i even got a free copy of the e.p!



They also had the poster i made about town,i never saw any but i kept getting calls ect from people going ‘someones using your art!’ to which i usually replied ‘its ok, they’re allowed!’

here’s the poster,i had a a lot of fun making this.

boycot-posterAnyhoo if you fancy checking out the boycotts check out their myspace, i highly recommend a listen!

Take care!



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