A little comic!


When i was a young lad,i used to love making little comics, i think ive still got some, they were full of monsters and aliens and were pretty mental for something coming out of an 8 year olds head.

Anyhoo i haven’t done any of that since primary school but recently i felt quite inspired browsing through some indie comics, where most of the time everything’s done by just one guy and his trusty pen. so i thought ‘Hey, i’ve got pens i could do that!’

and i did! Here’s a little naff comic i drew last night

Yea ok, it’s not very funny,nor is it an artistic masterpiece but its a start!

I hope to do one at least every week or so. I always wanted my art to tell stories so i figured why not try this form aswell?

take care peeps! and watch the skies!



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One Response to “A little comic!”

  1. Pidgey Says:

    awwwwww that’s well amazing! I just laughed haha xx

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