My Friend Marcia Furman

It has come to my attention that i have a habit of talking about other artists a lot more than myself, not to worry though! i have some new work on the horizon to show off but before that id like to talk about my arty friend from the states Marcia Furman.

Marcia’s from Butler in Pennsylvania, and like me is inspired by life experience, emotions and stories.  I like to think our art’s kind of similar in way, and some of her pictures have definitely helped pop some ideas in my head since we’ve been in contact.

did you ever have that feeling ‘did you ever have that feeling?’ (my fav :p)

i'll try anything ‘i’ll try anything’

resistant etsy ‘resistant’

I really love the thick texture they all have and how they all have stories behind them that seem innocent and simple but could also be seen as a lot more complex. i also think they’d be excellent in a picture book!( i get told that a lot, trust me it’s in the making).

If youd like to find out more about Marcia please check out her blog, myspace, facebook or have a peep at her etsy shop!

Thanks for reading!

take care nx


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One Response to “My Friend Marcia Furman”

  1. Marcia Says:

    Thanks again Neil!!

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