On the easel

Hello peeps!

I’ve had the loveliest day off today so why don’t we have a little catch up?
well mainly Ive been working through commissions over the past few weeks, which is great as i have work on, but its been tough trying to squeeze in my personal work though its getting there,i have a good few ideas ill be developing over the next week or so.
One quite recent work was this…
socks 031It started out as a commission before the client unfortunately dissappeared off the face of the earth, which was a shame because i was quite proud of it :/ it reminded me of a lovely moment me and my first girlfriend had.

so the poor reglected picture hung in my room for ages untill a close friend snapped it up.

a happy ending! more stuffs soon!



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One Response to “On the easel”

  1. Rob Says:

    It’s mine all mine

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