100 Days Of Monsters

Greetings spacefans!

Hope everyones doing good! I realise ive been blabbing about myself for a good while, so now’s about the time for me to talk about some other arty people that excite me.

I Cant quite remember how i stumbled apon Stefan Bucher, I think i was trawling through some comic forums and his name popped up, anyway, what i like about Stefan is he draws monsters every single day!

on his site there’s literally hundreds of them and a lot of the time poeple go on and write cool stories about them and its quickly becoming a little bit of a interweb phenomenon.

this guys my fav :)

bonemonseterStefan uses a really cool technique of blobbing ink then blowing it about to make cool shapes before turning it into a monster, i tried it myself, obviously its not quite as cool but not bad for a first try?

treeHe’s called tree boy, maybe someone could write him a story?

for more about Stefan have a peep at his site or have a swatch through his book,i got it from borders and its rad!

take care!

oops a wee edit here, i put a link to this on his site and look he got back!

stefan got back!




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3 Responses to “100 Days Of Monsters”

  1. Mark Says:

    Once upon a time there was a boy named Adam.
    He loved apples but did not listen to his mother warnings!
    “Adam if you eat the pips, a tree will grow in your bellypouch”

    Adam would demolish around Twelve-billion and seven, apples a day.
    Give or take.
    Then on night Adam was awoken by a strange noise.
    It sounded like a Tree branch smacking his bedroom window.
    Although this was impossible.
    Adam lived in Glasgow where the air did not allow for the natural growth of trees.
    So scared Adam cried for his mummy.
    As she ran in she screamed…
    Adams boy was no longer thats of her sons, but that of a Boy-tree.
    Adam didn’t mind though, and the kids at school enjoyed the health fruit that grew on Adam in the summer months and nicked named him; Treeboy.


  2. neilslorance Says:

    your a talented man mark! i love it thanks! nx

  3. Rob Says:

    Mutation! It’s how we evolved from a single celled organism into the dominant species of the planet. This usually takes hundreds of thousands of years but every so often evolution leaps forward. (Dramatic music)
    It’s been 1 years now, living from town to town, not knowing who you are. We’ll make you watch 3 movies about it then tell you in the prequal. Haha

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