I Have Too Many Toys :/

It seems to be kind of an ‘In’ thing for artists to share with the public what their studio looks like or where they work from, well, my rooms a tip so I’m just going to show off my toy collection :)

yea i know im 22 and it’s a bit sad to have a toy collection but they do serve as somewhat of an inspiration and its handy for still life class to bring in a massive optimus prime rather than a moldy piece of fruit!
Along with optimus i have some more transformers,some original star wars robots,some wind up tin robots,an etco-1 model kit i painted and put together myself(totally geeky i know) a limited edition noferin toy (only 200 worldwide) some munnys, and some other bits and bobs if found or been given :)

I actually just recently got given a massive gundam robot from japan, unfortunately its in 200 bits and has no instructions,doh!

thanks for reading!



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3 Responses to “I Have Too Many Toys :/”

  1. Rob Says:

    Try here


  2. Marcia Says:

    NICE Ecto 1!!!!!!

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