Big In Japan


Hope everyone’s doing well and enjoying the autumn, autumn’s my favourite season, aren’t the colours amazing?

Anyways I’ve been busy with some commissions recently,and just by coincidence the last few pictures I’ve done have all been Japanese themed!
The first one being this little picture.

I personally would LOVE to go to Japan, as its pretty much the robot capital of the world! and it also looks very pretty and I’ve heard it has jummy food.

Here’s another one i did which I’m quite proud of!


Well,that’s it for today,i have some more new art up very soon :)

Take care!


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7 Responses to “Big In Japan”

  1. Jane Says:

    Neil!!! OMG!! the girl from your first picture looks like me:D
    I’m taking Japanese class also :D

  2. kseverny Says:

    beautiful image

  3. morvs Says:

    LOVE the second one especially neil, its so vibrant and you definitely captured the japanese feel into the painting . you’re very talented. i’m very proud of you xxx

  4. Angela Wassell Says:


    Ive not been on the net for ages, Ive been so busy with my new job, classwork and portfolio stuff for GSA (Im so stressed about it!)
    Ive just saw the Japanese pictures, they’re great! :-) Im sure you’ll get to Japan one day and I hope you enjoy it
    Keep up the good work, nice to read your blog again
    Angi x

    • neilslorance Says:

      Thanks Angi! hope your keeping well :) best of luck with art school,yea id love to go to japan,my friends there just now,i gave him my weeks wages to spend on robots for me :D nx

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