This Week I Have Been Mostly Reading..

Hello! Welcome back!

Its that time again where I’d like to take a moment to talk about people far more talented and successful than myself!

Today It’s Chris Ware, an American comic artist who’s created a number for amazing graphic novels and comics, one of which is called ‘Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid On Earth’ which I can barely put down.

What i especially like about the book is the way the story is told through his amazing pictures, sometimes there’s just pages and pages with no words (sometimes you don’t need them) and the pictures just speak for themselves,and other times It’s told through cool diagrams and quirky illustrations such as this!

ware_asleep The book is mainly  autobiographical, particularly Jimmy’s relationship with his dad.

I read on Wiki that Chris only met his father once in adulthood, while he was working on this book, and has remarked that his father’s attempts at humor and casualness were not unlike those he’d already created for Jimmy’s dad in the book. However, he’s said it is not a direct account of his personal life.

It is a really great book though, I’m just about at the end and i feel like i can really relate to weird little Jimmy and his bizarre imagination.


Anyhoo, If you come across this in a book/comic shop do have a flick through it, it’s a lovely lovely read :)

love nx

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