Mad People Who’ve Got My Stuff Tattooed

Hello! Hope your doing well!

Today I’d to talk about crazy people, they are crazy because they’ve got my stuff tattooed, which is very flattering, in fact i think it’s the ultimate compliment.

That said, I often get asked if i design my own tattoos or would get my own stuff tattooed and the answer to that would be no, I’m not that confident In my own work to be able to live with it to be honest.

Some people say an artist only sees their mistakes and that wouldn’t be far off on describing my feelings towards my own work.

anyhoo! check these out!

tattoo3tattoo2tattoo4tattoo1tattoo5That last one is my good mate Gary(Your High Frequency) who was actually on London Ink not too long ago getting a much cooler robot tattooed by Dan Gold! Osm!

take care!

p.s If anyone else is planning a robot tattoo let me know, i can always draw up custom designs!



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2 Responses to “Mad People Who’ve Got My Stuff Tattooed”

  1. Bob Says:

    Aaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhh. it,s 00.01

  2. Marcia Says:

    ah! those all look great… you’re a lucky duck! I haven’t had anyone get my artwork tattoo’d that I know of. I’m waiting!!!

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