The Alien Art Student

Hope everyones well!

During my surfing on the internets today i came accross illustrator Chuck Dillons blog, As well as freelance illustrator Chuck is also an art teacher, and during his teacher career he has compiled characatures of some of the stereotypical students he has came accross of the years,
It does sound quite a nasty thing to do but looking through them all i think some are bloody hilarious and so true to the kind of people i see around college.
Out of his characters i think i fit into the Loner/Alien student catagorie, here’s me!
alienIf only there was some facial hair it would be a spitting image :P

For more check out his post here, definately worth a look!



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5 Responses to “The Alien Art Student”

  1. Shambles Says:

    Its uncanny.

  2. Stuart Nixon Says:

    can i be the snob?

  3. neilslorance Says:

    haha sure theres one for everyone :P nx

  4. Stuart Nixon Says:

    aha sorry, for the comment, went to a friend of a friends party and your art was on the wall, was quite odd.

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