Perks Of The Job

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re doing well, are you excited about Christmas? i am, I’m exciting about finishing all these bloody commissions :P obviously i am joking, I have been given some great jobs which i am very grateful for one of which returns to one of my favourite subjects Zelda :)

Here’s Link having a wee toot on his ocarina!

I had mega fun painting this! I promise i’ll make an effort to post less geeky stuff in the future!

oop! i have new little feature on my blog, just down the right side there’s a little subscribe box, if you by any chance like reading my nonsense pop your email in and when i update this you’ll get a little e-mail about it, cool!

In the meantime, wrap up warm!



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3 Responses to “Perks Of The Job”

  1. Shambles Says:

    Thats awwwwwwesome man :) I PURE love it.

    Thanks for not painting that time Martin had that incident with that gerbil.

  2. Rpb Says:

    You should paint one’s where all the new characters are in old settings. Like Solid snake in the pacman maze or Sonic shooting asteroids

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