Right, enough about me.

As you may know, every now again between all my blabbing, doodles and adventures, I like to talk about other artists and Illustrators I like.

Well Today I’d like to talk about Gemma Correll, who I discovered by picking up one of her amazing zines from my favourite shop The Maisonette.

now usually in this case I’d go on about how much I love/am inspired by her work, but handily I found a comic by her which completely summed up all of my feelings :)

For more about Gemma and her amazing work please check out her site :)

take care!


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3 Responses to “Right, enough about me.”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    I love her work! I think I found her on ‘what I wore today’ group on flickr. Her style is unique, cute and funny :)

  2. neilslorance Says:

    yup! If my facts are right I think she started the group but I’m not too sure, I put a few things in a wee while ago :) hope your well! nx

  3. nico-marie Says:

    this cartoon is true of every day of my life! Knowing that other people do it too makes me feel a bit better tho :)

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