A sneaky peek at fridays opening!

Hello everyone hope your well! I have had a mad busy week with all this exhibition business and some band stuff too, but Ive got some time to myself so let’s do some catching up.
So Friday was the opening night of ‘I’m not weird’ my first solo exhibition and i think it went great! I was totally flattered by all the people who came and from all the great feedback I got.
Here’s what the exhibition looks like from the outside….

yeap I know It’s tiny (it is the tiny gallery after all) but I like to think of it as like walking into someones mind, I also think it makes for a more personal experience as only one person can fit in at a time.
anyways aside from my pictures I got some amaaaazing cupcakes courtest of Auntie M next door.

and of course I wanted to keep everyone entertained so I made a little colouring in corner which was quite popular, and some people really showed me up!

all round it was a very lovely evening, and you can see some more pictures on my flickr.

Also, can I remind you that If your from around Glasgow, the exhibition is open to the public until the 30th this month and can be found at the Masionette in De Courcy’s Arcade on Cresswell Lane behind Byres road in the west end.

so go have a look!(please :P)

oh and happy easter!



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2 Responses to “A sneaky peek at fridays opening!”

  1. Stuart Nixon Says:

    Avoiding facebook at any cost but have been keeping up to date with your exhibition happenings, it looks great so well done! Will try and catch it when im home x

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