Back to work!

Hello hope everyone’s well, did you have a nice easter? paint any eggs?

I didn’t I’m afraid but i totally meant to! Anyways I just wanted to mention some cool stuff that’s happening this Saturday.

It’s the made in the shade springtime jamboree! which is happening at the lighthouse gallery which is on mitchell lane in Glasgow.

Here’s a wee flyer!

As well as some of the city’s coolest crafty people I will also be setting up shop with some new paintings, drawings, prints and postcards etc so if you’re around please come in and have a look, It’ll be a great day and there will be plenty of super cool stuff to see and do!

In preparation for the event I’ve also got back into painting somewhat,  yeap you could say the whole of the current exhibition is painting but I’m talking about the messy stuff, with pallets, easels and canvases etc there’s actually nothing more more satisfying that mixing paint around on a big canvas, a lot of the time the end result is far from what i expected it was going to look like but i guess thats the beauty of it.

here’s a little practice robot!

Also while I round off, I’d like to thank everyone who has been able to make it to the exhibition (ends 30th) I popped in the other day and had a little flick through the comments book and was totally taken aback by everyone’s feedback. which was a big relief as I was extremely nervous before hand, not really from the stress of hosting an event it was more about some of the piece’s being a bit  personal, It was almost like inviting a lot of people round to read through your diary so I’m glad people kept an open mind about it.

right, ill shut up now, hopefully see you saturday :P



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