Ok,Audrey Kawasaki I’m giving up…

Hello Everyone!

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the weather, I’ve been getting stuck into a lot painting and starting some new little projects while I have a bit of time to play with. Anyways, I realise for the past few months I’ve Just blogged about myself and havn’t actually mentioned any other artists.

So today I’d like to talke about one of my favourite artists Audrey Kawasaki, a young american artist best known for paintings of girls in a style which I can only really describe as half manga and half art nouveau.

What I really love about her paintings is the dreamy eyes of her characters, and how they draw you into their little world of innocence, femininity and mystery. I also love her unique approach to materials, i.e wood boards and panels, keeping the original grain for a more natural effect, maybe I’ll try that sometime!

Right, I’m off to give up now… for more about Audrey check her site or blog.

take care!


2 Responses to “Ok,Audrey Kawasaki I’m giving up…”

  1. last year's girl Says:

    These are beautiful Neil! Thanks for sharing x

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