Keep it in Writing

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are well, Today’s a wee bit of a special day, it marks the 1st birthday of this here blog! Hurrah! That’s right, for a year now I’ve been managed to keep spouting nonsense accompanied by messy doodles a child could do and still people keep reading it! So to mark this occasion I’d like to make a little competition, (if it can be called that).

See the thing is, I really like writing letters and postcards(as you can see above), though I think its becoming somewhat of a lost art, so for all the people who comment this post today I will personally write you a postcard (with my own art on it).

You don’t have to write back, although you’re more than welcome to, It’s really just a little thank you to everyone who’s supported me over the past wee while, Thanks :)

ok try me!



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32 Responses to “Keep it in Writing”

  1. Laura Says:

    Awww happy birthday neils blog! Thankyou for showing lots of lovely things he does so I can buy them and put them on my walls :) xx

  2. Jim Says:

    Woo, happy blog birthday :)

  3. Amy Lucia Says:

    I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever commented on your blog before, but I would like a postcard.
    I like to write letters, and decorate them with sequins and glitter. Ha :)

    I went to your exhibition too, by the way. It was lovely :) x

  4. morv Says:

    Hey neil! thats great it’s been a year already!
    Your blog is great, and your work has only evolved ove rthe last year and got better :)
    Love you lots and miss you xxx

  5. Lorna Says:

    Ooooooohhh i want a postcard… how do i get a postcard…?? is this all i have to do…? i’d feel pretty bad thou…. since this would be my first comment on your blog… it’s a bit of a cheat on my part…!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEILS BLOG…. (i would sing, but i have a crap singing voice)

  6. April Says:

    I’d like to see what you would write on a postcard to me … x

  7. NicoletheHylian. Says:

    I really wish people still wrote letters and postcards. There’s something so impersonal about tweeting and facebook etc. I would really love to recieve a doodle from you in the post :) x

  8. Rachaaaael. Says:


    you are inspiring. like alot. and i am very inspired by you. cos i love your drawings. and they inspired ME to draw. and i now own a sketchbook. which tbh, i am very proud of cos my friend who critisissssess EVERYTHING said it was awesome.

    so i hope that knowing you’ve inspired someone puts a little warm, fuzzy not-gay-at-all feeling inside you. :)

    thanks. (:

  9. Rachaaaael. Says:

    but i don’t wanna out my address on this. :L so i wont.

  10. Campbell Says:

    Hey man, happy blog-birthday. Long may your doodling rambles continue :)


  11. mar-c Says:

    Count me in! I love postcards. I’ll even send you one back, though my handwriting is appalling now from RSI. And happy, er blogoversary!

  12. Catherine Says:

    Happy blog birthday! I’d love a postcard, it’s lovely to get a handwritten postcard or letter. Must send you a photo of your painting up in lucy’s room, it looks amazing!

  13. Elmowgli Says:

    happy blogday??

    I have a cute wee writing set thats waiting to get used but I have nobody to use it for so your more than welcome to be the first if you so wish. :)

    I shall stop rambling now :P

    E x

  14. Natalieee Says:

    Happy 1st Burfdai Neil’s blog :)
    I luv chu!


  15. last year's girl Says:

    Happy blog birthday, lovely Neil!

    You don’t have to send me a postcard, because I have some of your art already, but if you do I will put it up on my mirror x

  16. Katy Says:

    Happy Birthday OSM Blog!!!

  17. Sarah Says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a good few
    months, I love you work!

    Happy 1st birthday!


  18. thelastnameleft Says:

    Happy Blog Birthday, I recently bought a set of postcards from your etsy which I love and one day when I have more money and better priorities I will buy something proper of yours, not that postcards prints aren’t ‘proper’ you understand :)

    This has also reminded me that I have been keeping an online journal/diary of one sort or another for more than 10 years and one day when I have more bravery I will go back to the start and read again (or perhaps healthier, I will delete it all and live in the moment).

    Point being, I love your work and journals are important. Phew.

  19. sjuci Says:

    im not sure if its still today or its already tomorrow because im in hugary and i dont know if the blog shows your time or my time but anyways i’d just like to wish happy birthday to your blog! i really enjoy reading it and i love your drawings :)

  20. Marcia Says:

    ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  21. Jill Says:

    Hey Neil, Happy 1st Birthday for your blog!! (is your blog a boy or a girl?) either way, I hope they had a nice day! Next up is the terrible twos!!eek!

    I thought I’d comment to say that your doodles and drawings are fab, every so often I’ll have a sneaky peak an see what your doing. I love how your stuff is everyday thoughts or happenings. Think I may copy you and always have a sketch book on hand!!

    Send me a postcard please :D anything other than a stinky bill is a bonus!ha! xxx

  22. Colin Bennett Says:

    Hi Neil,

    Happy birthday Blog.

    I’m taking the chance to ask a question at the same time. Do you like any comic book artists? I really really like Ben Templesmith(especially his work on Fell) and just wanted to know if you had any favourites?

  23. aldriana amir Says:

    Happy 1st birthday to your blog, Neil! Always keep posting messy doodles! Your doodles so inspiring me to keep drawing!

    WAW, i’d looooovve to get a postcard from you with some cute doodles on it. Thank you! :)

  24. hayleysaur Says:

    Aw, shucks, I’ve missed the deadline. At any rate, I’d still like to say that your work is quite excellent and I enjoy every single update :) Your beautiful little drawings have gotten me through many a boring sociology class, and I’ve been known to show your work to friends who’d been feeling a bit down on more than one occasion.

    Anyway, brilliant work and happy birthday to your lovely blog!

  25. Rob Says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm Cake

  26. Florence Says:

    Huzzah! You are going to have lots of post cards to write. I couldn’t resist. Everyone loves receiving mail, especially when they are faar awaaayy.
    But on a serious note, I enjoy your blog, and it manages to be interesting and unpretentious, unlike so many others. Keep doodling and musicing,
    happy birthday blog.

    Florence x

  27. neilslorance Says:

    Ok! I’ve emailed all of you for your postal addresses! nx

  28. Donna Says:

    Hey Neil! Hope your blog enjoyed its birthday :P its great that your blogs been going strong a year now and its great to see your still very much enjoying what your doing. Keep it up! :) Donna x

  29. Michelle Says:

    That’s some lovely cake in the photo, wonder where you got that from.

  30. titiw Says:

    Stumbled upon on your blog from my friend, aldriana.. (yes, she’s up there, scroll your mouse up) :) Nice blog, love your drawings.. and Happy belated birthday! :)

  31. Birthday Blog Competition Winners! « Neil Slorance Says:

    […] I couldn’t help but find this entry utterly heart warming and as some of you may know from last years blog birthday, I’m a huge fan of keeping things in writing and using snail mail. Well done Rachael, the […]

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