Time to Grow Up?

During the course of my day I’m usually confronted with some kind of remark against my life choices, this can be anything from ‘why don’t you get a real job?’ to ‘why does someone your age have so many toys?’ and even earlier today I was getting a slagging from the ladies at the post office for my messy handwriting.

Anyways I’m not going to get a ‘proper’ job or learn how to write anytime soon, and I love my robot collection so if you don’t like it go stuff yourself :P


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9 Responses to “Time to Grow Up?”

  1. Marcia Says:

    Grow up? Neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Lifestyle choices? Try saying to someone “my child doesn’t watch TV” and see what kind of reactions you get then!
    Never change Neil!

  3. neilslorance Says:

    really? I didnt really watch tv till I was 6 or 7, was just more interested in climbing trees and stuff, and look at me I turned out great :D nx

  4. Annie Says:

    This is just what I’ve been thinking and talking about with friends a lot recently. We all agreed to stay the childish way are. Until we die. And then we start anew.

    Why should anyone like THE POST OFFICE LADY (or in my case, the surgery assistant or some faceless people in the street or strange persons in my university) influence your life in any kind? It’s hard enough to stand the opinions of people you CARE, so slack anything else. And about those other opinions, from mum and dad and best friends: they stop asking one day. Promised.

  5. neilslorance Says:

    Thanks Annie, you’ve made my day :) nx

  6. Naomiii Says:

    I love this drawing. I’m posting it on my Tumblr with a link directing back here okay? :)

    And yeah, there is nothing wrong with staying a child at heart. To hell with taking life seriously. And what, be like those who are too busy worrying about mortgages and complicated relationships that they are missing out on lots of wonderful things (many of which are for free)? No thanks.

    More power to you and your toy robots ;)

  7. neilslorance Says:

    Thanks! and sure no problem :) nx

  8. sarita Says:

    Good on ya, mate!! I tried a ‘proper job’…it was awful…:( I like you’re idea better…:o)
    ps…found your awesome blog via flickr. love it…xx

  9. neilslorance Says:

    Aw thank you! :) nx

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