Keep it in Writing Part 2: The Sketchbook

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and enjoying the nice weather for the time being.

Today I’m talking about writing again, except on a more personal level, I’d like to talk about keeping a sketchbook.

Now, for me It’s pretty much part of life, I never leave the house without my sketchbook and pencil case in fact I feel a bit weird without them. They’re wonderful for jotting down little ideas, notes, reminders, or even having a little doodle whilst on your travels.

Actually my last exhibition was pretty much all taken from random entries into my tiny a5 sketchbook, In a way it was to make a point on how many little thoughts and ideas pass through our heads daily which are usually forgotten about but otherwise could be quite entertaining!

Anyways, to conclude I think keeping a sketchbook is a really neat thing to do, I always love having a wee read back to remember some things I’ve done or find some ideas I’ve forgotten about, and especially if you’re a creative in any sense of the word it’s totally essential.

So why not give it a bash? sketchbooks are only a couple of quid these days and you never know it might inspire something :)
I just really like that saying, one for the books as they say!

OH! can I also remind everyone you can subscribe to my blog via e-mail, just pop your address into that little box on the right and you’ll get a little e-mail every time I update the blog, give that a try too!


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