5 Artists You Should Know About

Hello! hope you’re all well, this week I’ve been mainly blasting through some big paintings and commissions as well as other bits and bobs, unfortunately some of the commissions are confidential and I’ve yet to finish any of my personal paintings so I don’t have anything to show. But that doesn’t stop me from showing you some of my current favourite artists!

1.Amy Sol

Just now, I’m totally in love with how delicate her painting style is, and also how beautiful her muted pallet is, more about her here.

2. Tara Mcpherson

As some of you may know, I’ve been a huge fan of Taras work for a long time now, what I like most is her characters and the amount of detail that goes into her work, always inspiring. more about Tara here.

3. Ekundayo

Although primarily a street artist, I cant help but be amazed at Ekundayos acrylic work, seeing his work made me take the medium a lot more seriously, more about him here.


When I first came across Noferin I was immediately drawn to the cute characters and the little stories behind them, noferins work is often refered to as ‘the greatest children’s story never told’ I am fortunate to own a print and limited edition toy of theirs :) more about noferin here.

5. Jeff Soto

I’ve always loved Jeff style and how he constantly pushes his medium to its limits, his robots and surreal style have very much inspired me, more about Jeff here.

Well that’s It for now, thanks for reading! and if you know of any cool artists I might like please let me know!

take care



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5 Responses to “5 Artists You Should Know About”

  1. Helen Smith Says:

    Noferin reminds me of the Moomins. Anyone else see the similarity?

  2. Annie Says:

    heehee, maybe a bit moomin-like :D Moomins are probably the best characters ever invented, by the way.

    Tara McPherson is one of my top 5 aswell! I love her style soooo much…. she expresses everything I have (in a very blurred, unclear way) with such distinctivness. Sometimes I have the feeling that she looked into my mind and paints exactly what I feel.

    • neilslorance Says:

      thanks for the comment annie, i think thats one of the main goals of an artist, to create something that people can relate to whilst still expressing yourself. I always thought if people cant understand what my painting’s about ive not done my job properly nx

  3. Annie Says:

    add “in my brain” between “everything I have” and the brackets :D

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