This Week’s Books

Hello! I apologise for it being over a week since my last post, I have been working hard on some secret little projects as well as some things of my own that I’m not quite ready to show yet.

So with an absence of original material, I’d like to talk about my shopping. Since the daylight is increasingly growing shorter up here I’ve been going on little book buying sprees, mostly art and comic books mind you but still worth talking about none the less.

Ok first on the list is ‘Lost Constellations’ which is the 2nd art book by Tara McPherson, one of my favourite artists.

In this volume you can clearly see how Tara’s work has progressed and matured since the last book whilst keeping her signature style and pallete perfectly intact. I’d definitely recommend this book to people who are interested in artists of today although one thing I would say is that if you own the first volume a lot of the same art appears.

Next on the list is the’ Juxtapoz Poster Art’ book,  as a big fan on the Juxtapoz art magazines when I heard they were releasing a poster art book I couldn’t help but scoop it up.

The book features art and interviews from hundreds of artists and illustrators and even from flicking through the first few pages I was left with a strong feeling that poster art is an amazing art form with great possibilities and shouldn’t be overlooked as just another form of advertising.

Ok, almost there, 3rd on the list is a comic by spanish illustrator Gabriella Giandelli entitled ‘Interiorae’. This is one of my ‘random’ finds, basically I don’t know where to start with comics so my usual approach is to flick through some things in the shop and see which pictures I like best, this one won.

It tells the story of a little old lady on a journey to her final resting place, and if not a bit sad I found it really beautiful, mostly because of the astounding artwork which has such a natural feel to it, top marks!

Right I’m almost done, Last on my list is Shaun Tans ‘The Arrival’ I’ve always been a huge fan of this guy ever since I read ‘The Red Tree’ which inspired me immensely.

What’s interesting about this is that it’s a story about immigration and about all the people in history who have journeyed to the unknown in search of a better life, it also has no words or text whatsoever, as if to help you relate with the books characters. But as usual what appeals to me most is the simply oustanding and painstakingly detailed artwork.

Well I hope you enjoyed that nosey into my shopping, I’ll be back soon with some new pictures!

Take care!



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6 Responses to “This Week’s Books”

  1. Claire Says:

    I absolutely love ‘The Arrival’. First read it at GSA last year, my tutor showed it to us to help with our sequence pieces. Juxtapoz poster book looks pretty amazing too!
    If you need help finding good graphic novels, the dudes in Forbidden Planet couldn’t have helped me more. For a great plot and of course art work, I’d recommend PREACHER but you may also wanna check out Skim!

    You may want to look into Dave McKean works too, if you don’t know about him already. A book/graphic novel he recently worked on has just come out, it’s called Slog’s Dad. I’ve just finished it,. Interesting colour scheme running through it and the story is just lovely.

  2. neilslorance Says:

    Ah thanks very much Claire I will definitley be checking those out on my weekend visit to forbidden planet, was it Cathy who showed you the Arrival? We done sequencing with her too which was great fun! nx

  3. Claire Connor Says:

    haha yeah it was!!

  4. sophiestar86 Says:

    I love Tara McPherson’s work and I will definitely look into the other people you mentioned. I’m sure you know James Jeans work but just in case I thought he was worth a mention. His work is a constant inspiration to me :)

    • neilslorance Says:

      Yea I really like james jean, he’s one of those artists who can just about do everything and to an amazing standard. He almost makes me want to give up! nx

  5. Reviewing my Shopping Spree Books. « Neil Slorance Says:

    […] Remember I’ve still got some ‘How to be a Ghost’ books for sale here and you can read my last book review post here. […]

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