I like Penguins

It’s True, I like penguins, almost as much as tortoises.

It’s mainly because they’re super cute but at the same time I have the utmost respect for the little dudes, especially at this time of year when they start migrating in huge numbers to travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles for mating season, It’s a great and harsh trip and sometimes not all of them make it…

…so I wanted to do a little picture for them.

Good luck out there penguins!



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8 Responses to “I like Penguins”

  1. ddalkijane Says:

    Neil! They are so cute! I love them!

  2. Claire Says:

    Awwww!! It makes me sad that not all of them make it =( I shall pray for the penguins! GOOD LUCK PENGUINS!!!

  3. aldriana amir Says:

    I love your penguins.
    They are SUPER CUTE! :)

  4. Melissa Arandia -justdoodle Says:

    they’re so adorable! :)

  5. Jef Says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t actually express just how much I love this. x

  6. Jason Says:

    These penguins have everything except a dart gun!

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