Sketchbook Entry 19/11/10


Just a wee doodle today, please take it into consideration as I worry about all of you too!

In other news my wee pal/mascot Herman the tortoise went into hibernation last night, it was quite emotional. I’m a wee bit gutted as that’s him away till spring time, sometimes I’d quite like to hibernate, but then again I’d miss Christmas.

I took a wee photo of him in his little box before he departed for the shed.

He will be sorely missed.

Take care nx

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3 Responses to “Sketchbook Entry 19/11/10”

  1. onamatopoeia Says:

    Is it a must for tortoises to hibernate? My boyfriend and I have two baby tortoises (we’ve had them about six months now), but we live in a warm climate year-round. Do they do it automatically or do we have to encourage it or is it optional for cold winter seasons?

    P.S. I like your wrapped-up girl. :)

  2. neilslorance Says:

    Heya! It’s an encouraged thing and it’s entirely optional, I just do it with herman because that’s what he’d do in the wild. But either way you wouldn’t usually hibernate baby tortoises untill they’re about 5, and if they’re warm enough and have enough food I wouldn’t think you’d need to.
    hope that helps!

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