Cool Space Facts!

It may a surprise to you but I actually have a day job, yes believe it or not my doodles don’t quite cut a living. Anyways what I’m getting at is I work as a teacher in a community arts centre, me being the art teacher, and today I was doing a little class on space (our solar system specifically).

It went really well actually and I actually got quite animated and excited whilst I was doing my little presentation, anyways I’d like to share with you some cool space facts! This was actually one of the handouts from today…

I hope you found it interesting! I personally am a massive space geek and I’m holing out for a new telescope for my birthday (february 17th guys!).

In other news I have some cool new screen printing diplodocus bags in my etsy shop,  they’re only £5 ($8) and look how cool they are!

And everyone knows dinosaurs love to go shopping :)

take care



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6 Responses to “Cool Space Facts!”

  1. Peaceinthestar Says:

    I never knew Venus spun backwards! Very interesting facts :)

  2. Karin Says:

    Those are interesting facts :D I didn’t know about Venus either.

  3. ReelyBored Says:

    hmm, very interesting little tidbits!

  4. JS Says:

    How are you defining a year? It takes roughly 88 days (based on the definition of a day being a period of 24 hours) for Mercury to complete an orbit of the sun.

    Alternately, it takes about half of a solar day (the amount of time it takes the sun to complete a cycle from the perspective of an observer on the planet).

    So…not really sure where you’re getting the Mercury info…

    • neilslorance Says:

      Hey Juliet, I appreciate your concern, it is to me understanding that, like you said, a year on mercury is 88 earth days. It is also to my understanding that a day on mercury (sidereal) is equal to 58 earth days which I rounded up to one and a half. Please keep in mind these notes were for a class of young children so I was trying to keep things interesting.

      Also it was never meant to be put onto tumblr, which I’m guessing is where you saw it.


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