The Smiling Man.

I’m sorry blog.

I’m so sorry. I’ve left you un-updated for over a month and that is inexcusable. But not to worry I’m back now, I had a pretty weird couple of weeks and a lot of things changed but I’m back into a creative routine now so expect regular updates of my usual bits and bobs!

Today’s bit (or bob?) is straight out of my sketchbook at a point where I was trying to get back into a drawing habit.

It’s amazing what little things you can capture from bringing some paper and pens on a bus, I think it’s really nice how sometimes a total stranger can make your day.

see ya soon!


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4 Responses to “The Smiling Man.”

  1. everevie Says:

    Well…this post, by a total stranger…kinda just made my day! The sketch made me smile…I assume the man himself is busy spreading smiles all over the place at this very moment. That’s a happy thought.

  2. faerieclairey Says:

    This really made me smile. Thank you! =)
    Definitely infectious!

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