More Game Related Stuff (sorry!)

I sometimes surprise myself when I can really geek out on something. This week I got a commission to do a painting of Simon Belmont, he’s a vampire killer from the game series Castlevania and he’s a total legend. Anyways here he is in a scene from Castlevania IV.

I tried to keep the style as close to the games art style as possible, after all I always say getting out your box is good (by ‘box’ I mean my usual painting style).
In other news I finally got my hands on a 3ds and got Ocarina of Time with it… so expect a lot more of this :P

Take care!



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4 Responses to “More Game Related Stuff (sorry!)”

  1. jef x Says:

    Saria <3

    Can I please have prints of some Zelda art for Christmas? Yes? :)

  2. Kuky Says:

    All your Zelda talk made me miss it and I got an old Zelda game last weekend. :)

  3. Kuky Says:

    The only complete system we have now is our Wii so I got Twilight Princess.

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