How to be a Ghost: An Illustrated Guide has arrived!

It’s here! It’s finished! Finally! Yes!

How to be a Ghost has just got back from the printers and it looks lovely!

Here I’ll give you some info!

The book is illustrated by myself and the story was written by me and my pal Campbell Miller. It’s a short story about a wee ghostie finding his way about his new found ghost life, it has a lot of nice bits and a lot of funny bits. It’s mainly for big kids although is also suitable for little kids as there is no sweary words but I’d advise the parents to read it first.

It’s 24 pages and is printed in a super cute A6 size (that’s a quarter of A4, it’s tiny!).

ALSO! The first 100 copies come with an original signed ghost picture by me! Amazing!

You can order it from my etsy shop here, though I should mention I won’t be shipping them till after the launch party on December 5th.

So yea, if you have a spare £4( $6) get your order in! I’ve put toooons of work into it and I think it’s a really great story :)

Thank you!



2 Responses to “How to be a Ghost: An Illustrated Guide has arrived!”

  1. aldriana amir Says:

    cutee. I love your ghostie. congrats for the book! :)

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