Fixing the Fresco

Hello Everyone hope you’re having a nice Saturday.

I saw this in the news the other day!


And I laughed HARD. The picture on the left is a 19th century fresco painting of Jesus Christ by Elias Garcia Martinez which is hung in Sanctuary of Mercy Church near Zaragoza and the picture on the right is the ‘restored’ painting by a local 80-year-old.

Now I’ve got to say it’s pretty obvious the restored painting is a bit of an epic fail but I’ve got it hand it to her, she tried her best and doesn’t deserve all the bad press.

In fact I actually tried to copy the fresco myself and it was very hard.


Take care.



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3 Responses to “Fixing the Fresco”

  1. Hello, Darling Says:

    Haha! I read that article and I agree, she doesn’t deserve the bad press but she did turn the thing into a yard sale.

  2. PiedType Says:

    Of course she deserves the bad press! She ruined a beautiful fresco. I hope it wasn’t considered valuable, because it’s gone now.

  3. rea curry Says:

    “it’s cool I fixed it” that tag line is hilarious and I laughed out loud.

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