For Neil.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the sad news about the passing of Neil Armstrong. As a small tribute I’ve made a short comic.

If you’ve read this blog before you’ll probably know I’m super into space and Neil helped spark that. See when I was growing I honestly didn’t know any other Neils and I grew to almost dislike my name until my mum told me about Neil Armstrong the astronaut. Then I suddenly thought Neils were awesome and learning about the other Neil sparked my interest in all things spacey which has stayed with me to this day.

Rest in peace other Neil.

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78 Responses to “For Neil.”

  1. KK Says:

    A very nice illustration to pay homage to Neil Armstrong.What a life he had, he not only left a mark on moon but also in our hearts & mind. It shows one thing that all of us have potential to contribute something special & leave a mark so the future generations know we were there.

  2. DeerLittleFawn Says:

    I love this! Best Neil homage I’ve seen so far, love the personal touch. Glad to have found your blog, really enjoying your illustrations. :)

  3. LordByrum Says:

    A wonderful little comic! Thanks for sharing!

  4. neilslorance Says:

    Aw thanks guys! nx

  5. Nurse Anj Says:

    A beautiful tribute!

  6. Mei Says:

    Cute comic and wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!

  7. diannegray Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Sarah Says:

    My friend was chatting with the checkout clerk at the grocery store. I don’t remember the topic, but he said, “We can put a man on the moon, you think we’d be able to [whatever the topic was].” And the clerk said, “Well, there are real doubts about that.” It isn’t the first time I’ve come across this — and from normal-looking people. What’s going on? Sorry for the downer, but I was so taken aback.

    Neils are indeed wonderful, at least some of them. Neil Armstrong was a wonderful astronaut and you are a wonderful cartoonist.

  9. keepingglasshalffull Says:

    A wonderful illustration and story about how Neil Armstrong inspired you. Thank you for sharing.

    Hey, if you haven’t seen it, I recommend a British documentary called “In the Shadow of the Moon”. It includes interviews with several US astronauts from the 60s and 70s, although Neil did not participate. Nonetheless, its a fantastic documentary and its great to get insight into how they personally felt to see the earth from space and how they felt when they first stepped onto the moon. The documentary also gives insight into how life was for them when they came back to earth and resumed ordinary things like going to the supermarket!

  10. Karen Says:


  11. Potentially Adventurous Says:

    Cute comic! RIP Neil Armstrong.

  12. Katherine Says:

    Aww. I’m sure he is very happy being back up in the sky, and happy that you love him so much.

  13. rizalID Says:

    R.I.P for mr. amstrong

  14. theinfinitejourneyblog Says:

    I love this! What a beautiful tribute :)

  15. paulineobrien Says:

    Awesome Neil!

  16. guenbt Says:

    I like the comic photos!

  17. Richard McCargar Says:

    That was cute, and congrats on being freshly pressed.

  18. golynn Says:

    You have a special and awesome name. :)
    I love your comic~it’s cute.
    thanks for sharing!! I will be expecting some more of these~

  19. Lori Lipsky Says:


  20. MJ Conner Says:

    Neil’s are awesome. Thank you Neil – both of you.

  21. maidreamsbig Says:

    super duper cutie patootie illustration! :D

  22. Simple Heart Girl Says:

    Your artwork is lovely. :)

  23. thefreakartist Says:

    aw thats a nice cartoon!

  24. busyellebee Says:

    Reblogged this on BusyElleBee and commented:
    A lovely, sweet tribute for the amazing Neil Armstrong.

  25. busyellebee Says:

    I truly lovely post, thank you :)

  26. resti anantika Says:

    How can you do this? I mean oh…..that cute drawings @_@

  27. Ava Avaniko Says:

    This is a very cute comic! To tell you the truth, I thought Neil Armstrong was already gone. Gosh, if only I knew, I would have searched for him in person. :D

  28. pretzellogic Says:

    i totally agree with you, neil, that neils are awesome. i happen to be named after neil armstrong. thanks for sharing! — neil

  29. arianadourre Says:

    That was super cool. And I really like the sketchy style. :)

  30. Paleica Says:

    that’s incredibly cute!! i love it!

  31. Stu Says:

    Lovely style. Very cute comic!

  32. Real Estate Bangalore Says:

    lovely thought with best compliments.

  33. Matteo Says:

    Really nice. Thanks for sharing

  34. agussetiawan Says:


  35. Domino Says:

    Reblogged this on Time Launch and commented:
    This. Thiis shit right here!
    How one man can change the lives of so many.
    He knew his face would appear on the television, in the paper, he would become a household name.
    But who could ever expect to be remembered so fondly that you would be immortalised in a comic.
    Neil did more than just walk on the moon; that man broke through the heavens.

  36. MNMG Says:

    Wow! This is good. Hi Neil! Well, I’m a Neil and an artist as well. Just entered the world of blogging. I’ve also written a little something about Neil Armstrong via Neil Gaiman. :) Neils are good!

  37. thecloudofthoughts Says:

    It’s really interesting how the existence of someone lights up your life!
    Love the story and the comic.

  38. Hello, Darling Says:

    I loved this so much, thank you for sharing with us!

  39. slazhNpardede Says:

    wonderful little comic :lol:

  40. The Chronicle Of Pointlessness Says:

    Great little comic

  41. Sharoon Says:

    Neils are awesome. I named my son after him :-) Lovely homage to an amazing man!

  42. thisreych Says:

    your comic is so cute! :)

  43. thefailfiles Says:

    My friend considers Neil Armstrong to be his hero. After Batman of course. And he’s 50 so he remembers both of them back in the day.

  44. repurposed redhead Says:

    Aww. What a sweet little comic. Very nice! – Rene

  45. A.J. Carroll Says:

    What a great tribute to an awesome hero. I too am an avid lover of space and the space program. He sparked many-a-child to grow up to dream of and the lucky ones, become astronauts. It is a sad time for us NASA lovers but what a legacy to leave behind!


  46. Deep Fried Neil Says:

    Neil FTW, all the way baby.

  47. sarahjamalwriter Says:

    Very cute comic!

  48. writerdood Says:

    That was a very good tribute. Well done.

  49. cartoonmick Says:

    Nice little drawings. Cheers.

  50. Ninay Says:

    cute and lovely tribute for The Late Neil Armstrong and all other awesome Neils out there. :)

  51. L. Palmer Says:

    A great tribute to Neil Armstrong, Neil’s everywhere, and the possibilities his one small step opened for all of us.

  52. neilslorance Says:

    Hey everyone, thank you so much for all the lovely words. It’s been quite overwhelming! Thank you, Neil.

  53. onefinalround Says:

    What a nice way to say it…Neil you did good, and you will forever be remembered as THE FIRST MAN ON THE MOON. Its nice to see that other people share my appreciation of a great man!

  54. GG Says:

    This is nice…. Neil Armstrong is a hero.

  55. ioanna aggelidaki Says:

    The most beautiful tribute i ‘ve stumbled upon! Lovely! :)

  56. erick azof Says:


  57. siskinbob Says:

    Hey Neil. I really liked the cartoon and the personal story behind it. Wonderful.

  58. PiedType Says:

    Unique and beautiful tribute.

    R.I.P. Neil Armstrong

  59. Pedro Alvarez Fotografía Says:

    Preciosa la historieta y bonito homenaje.

  60. fitfallon Says:

    I love the beautiful simple honesty of this piece and the cute comic . Many thanks

  61. Neil Condron Says:

    I can relate to that little story soooo well… :)
    Neil’s of the world unite.

  62. Lynn Green Says:

    have a friend (female) named after her uncle Gus Grissom…she’s been inspired by him and space all of her life…really great to see others who are affected by those who who have names to aspire to.

  63. GraCess_Mommy Says:

    The illustration is so cute and unique. Great post.

  64. teeceecounsel Says:

    The other Neil was truely inspiring and you seemed to have joined with your unique creativity and ease in achieving excellence.

  65. Henry Logue Says:

    Thank you for this, Neil.

  66. mairzeebp Says:

    I really loved this. :)

  67. Harriet Prince Says:

    Thank you for such a touching illustration of how this man touched all our lives

  68. grimbeau Says:

    What an astonishing coincidence as I was only writing of the impact that Neil Armstrong made on me: poignant.

  69. Lauren Says:

    This is lovely :)

  70. GJC Says:

    I enjoyed your Neil Armstrong post; I will share it with my brother, the other, other (other?) Neil!

  71. greenkidblog Says:

    I love this!

  72. Teju Says:

    awesome! simple yet totally powerful! delivers what it ought to! so totally loved it! :)

  73. Ashima Says:

    loved this strip! :) Rightly deserves the editors pick! :)


  74. TLH Says:

    I think Commander Armstrong would love this. Absolutely love it.

  75. pepperation Says:

    Absolutely ‘fun’tastic !!

  76. messiklan Says:

    This is a really nice cartoon that you share.

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