Under the Sea.

Hey everyone hope you’re all well, today I’m sharing a comic I did for my friends blog.


The blog is Suddenly Something Really Interesting which my good friend Garry runs as a webcomic about dealing with anxiety and other problems. I was asked to a guest post so this is what I popped out with, an autobiographical strip about one of my ‘off’ days.

Hope you like it and be sure to check out Garry’s blog!



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9 Responses to “Under the Sea.”

  1. LordByrum Says:


  2. tulziscooking Says:

    Great way of describing and depicting feels of uncertainy and anxiety

  3. livedancesing Says:

    I feel like that so often! Its so weird and when I try to describe it to people they think I’m mad! :)

  4. lomoherz Says:

    Love the way you turn themes of the heart into wonderful art.

  5. ampc Says:

    Fantastic rendering of such an abstract concept! Thanks so much for sharing it :)

  6. There for a reason's Rachel Says:


  7. mairzeebp Says:

    So relatable. I love it.

  8. Domino Says:

    I can’t explain how much respect I have for you.
    So much emotion and thought in such a simple display.
    Can’t wait for more.

  9. Jas Baku Says:

    this is just so good. Sharing…

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