Jump! Jump! Stomp!


Hope everyone’s doing well. Recently I’ve been really enjoying New Super Mario Bros 2 on my 3DS and like I’ve always done, when I’m into something I like to draw pictures about it!


I’ve always wondered, what did the goombas actually do? Did they deserve to be squished?

Y’know I’m not afraid to admit it but video games were responsible for most of my drawings as a kid. I mean, my school jotters were totally plastered in Marios and Sonics to the point my teachers always made a point of it in my report cards “if neil spend as much time on his school work as he did on his computer game characters blah blah blah”

Anyways, Mario’s available in my etsy store along with some new post cards if anyone’s interested.

Take care!


4 Responses to “Jump! Jump! Stomp!”

  1. ampc Says:

    It would be pretty awesome if there were a story explaining the Mario characters, they’re relationships, and why the princess was always having to be saved by a plumber…

    Love your sketch! I, too, got notes about my doodling, but all my creativity seems to go into recipes at the moment.

  2. Tiana Feng Says:

    Love this mario doodle in your style :).

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