Seven Days in Berlin – My New Book!

Hey Everyone hope you’re all well!

I’ve got some excited news! I’ve made a new book! AW YEA.

It’s called ‘Seven Days in Berlin’. It’s a journal style travelogue comic  that follows on (or can be read on its own) from ‘Nine Lines of Metro’ my travelogue of Barcelona.

Let’s see what it looks like.

It details all the stuff I got up to while at the same time telling a nice story about exploring, friends and Berlin. There also might be a little romance but shhhh.

Just for you I’m going to show you a few pages, here ya go.

If you’d like to see what happens in the other 37 pages stop by my Etsy shop and get yourself a copy! It’s only £4($6) or you can buy the travelogue set for just £6($9). All copies come signed by me with a little message!

I worked super hard on these and it’s little things like buying a comic or some cards that keep me going as an artist and enable me to keep doing what I do so please have a look.

Thank you!



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3 Responses to “Seven Days in Berlin – My New Book!”

  1. CJ Vali Says:

    Great idea. You got my $9.

  2. Brett Williams Says:

    Looks great, Neil! I just started working out the thumbnails for a similar kind of book on a trip to Vietnam. Comics are a great way to do travelogues!

  3. Sunali Says:

    Hahaha thats awesome!!! I had the same experience in Berlin, WHY SO MANY POTS??!! Then the eastside gallery won me over! The next time you are there go to tachelles – Alexander Rodin Gallery… BEST

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