Biscuits are great.

They are just the best. You’ll remember a while ago I was posting about tea, well now I’m back and I’m going to give you a run down of my favourite biscuits in no particular order(there’s no way I could make a decision on my favourite biscuit).

Right let’s get started. Bring out the biscuits!


The pink wafer is a classic addition to any biscuit tray although it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s sweetness and unusual colouring has been known to divide biscuit connoisseurs the world over. What I will say is DO NOT DUNK THIS BISCUIT it just wasn’t built for that.


The bourbon. A classic. A favourite. I’ve yet to meet someone who says no to a bourbon. It’s tasty, it’s chocolatey and it’s dunkable. Goes well with tea and coffee. Solid choice.


The jammie dodger is a delicacy. It’s basically a biscuit sandwich with jam in the middle.   Highly dunkable and also quite filling! A rare treat.


The taste of childhood parties is the taste or a party ring. They’re bright and eye catching as well as sweet and surprisingly dunkable. On the other hand they can be fairly sickly after a couple. On the whole a nice nostalgic treat in moderation.

5The chocolate digestive is a sturdy, reliable biscuit. It’s always there and will never let you down. It’s highly dunkable although don’t put it in your tea for too long (I suggest 1-2 seconds no more). Great with tea or coffee or even as a stand alone snack. This should be permanent feature in anyones biscuit selection.

6Last but by no means least is the finger cream. It’s a bit like an elongated custard cream except with a vanilla filling. It’s nice and light as well dunkable, but only just.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite biscuits!

Do you have a favourite biscuit? let me know in the comments!



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4 Responses to “Biscuits are great.”

  1. rea curry Says:

    I am a fan of the bourbon actually. I first discovered them while in India, and now any time I go to my local Indian market I have to pick up a few boxes. They are quite excellent for dunking, I highly agree with you.

  2. ampc Says:

    I never knew they joy of the chocolate digestive until I visited your lovely country. When I first came home, I had friends ship them to me. Then I found them in an Indian market. Now, years later, the grocery store has added a European delicacy isle complete with chocolate digestives, bringing me much joy.

  3. Fay Kesby Says:

    chocolate hob nobs all the way!

  4. Laura Kane (@laurakane_) Says:

    I have to say… I’ve never really liked Bourbons… *ducks*

    Pink wafer was the ultimate biscuit for kid-me, closely followed by the garibaldi.

    As a grownup I try to limit my biscuit consumption, but I cannot resist a Hob Nob, chocolate or otherwise.

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