Happy World Book Day Yesterday!


Yea I know I’m always a bit behind on stuff but still, happy world book day yesterday folks!

World book day is a charity that celebrates books and reading, every year millions of children are given book tokens to spend on new books and are encouraged by schools and libraries to come together in reading and enjoying books.

I think it’s an absolutely amazing thing as it gives kids a chance to own their own books as well as find out about other new and exciting material.

Anyways, I got a lovely email the other day from the teacher of class 5/4 at Camstradden primary school in Drumchapel.

As part of world book day the class project was to make their own bookmarks about what books mean to them based on my Pushpin bookmark design. Look!



How cool is that?! Needless to say this totally made my day. My original design (below) was me trying to illustrate what books mean to me and how they can take you to amazing far off lands and plunge you into adventure and it’s just so nice to see another person’s take on that.



The original bookmark is available for £1 from Pushpinzines.co.uk .

In the meantime keep reading everyone!



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3 Responses to “Happy World Book Day Yesterday!”

  1. Marcia Furman Says:

    So great!!!

  2. ampc Says:

    Love it!

  3. ramnation Says:

    characters are adorable :)

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