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What I wore on January 8th

January 9, 2010

Yesterday I joined the flickr group ‘what i wore today’ where basically people draw what the had on that day, Its quite a fun idea and ive seen lots of really talented illustrators join in so i thought why not?
Any excuse for a doodle!

The group’s here if anyone wants a look.

take care!



January 2, 2010

more to come soon.


A new start.

December 27, 2009

Hello! hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mines was lovely, It was mainly spent indoors watching the telly with the family and trying to eat and drink my own bodyweight.

Over the Christmas period i received quite an overwhelming amount of commissions, and to my surprise most of which were comic and computer games characters! and i knoow i said id stop posting up geeky stuff but i promise this is the last :P

Yes It’s Vault boy from fallout! and im pretty proud of how he turned out :)

Anyways,that’s all my Christmas stuff done so next on my agenda is getting a new exhibition together for springtime, im not going to say exactly what its about,mainly because i always change my mind at the last minute, but what i can say is that it’ll be a bit cosier than last time and although it’ll be a solo exhibition i’m aiming to get alot of other people involved :)

more soon!


Winter Adventures!

December 6, 2009


Hope everyone’s well and wrapping up warm. I must apologize for not updating this in a wee while I’ve been a bit of a hermit whilst getting work together for college and my Christmas commissions.
I had a little stall today in town, and it was absolutely lovely, i couldn’t have thought of a better to spend my Sunday afternoon than to have a gab with some crafty people and fellow robot fans, although unfortunately I had to say goodbye to some of my favourite pictures, including the zelda one :( !

But don’t worry i still have a good number of paintings left, most of which are in the lovely maisonette shop in the west end, don’t they look comfy!

Thats not all though there’s plenty more in the shop as well as an amazing mind boggling exhibition by my good friend Gary MacLennan who i previously posted about here.

Garys new exhibition is all about tiny people and their tiny lives, and to emphasize the point,the exhibition is actually all miniature and is to be viewed with a(given) magnifying glass!

Here’s me having a peek.

For more about the wonderful Maisonette and how to get there please look here

My work will only be there till thursday so hop-hop!

Just before I go i’d like to thank everyone who came along to mono today, I was totally flattered by the people who came to see me and stopped to say hi :)

Have a great weekend!


Starting Again.

November 3, 2009

Taking a break from college and commissions (and all the stuff i should be doing),I decided to take the day off and paint for myself, and this is what came about.
I guess it’s about wanting to get away from everything, almost like that ‘need a holiday’ feeling although i also wanted to delve a little bit into possessions and if you’d be the same person if you put them all in a big fire.

Hope you like it!


This Week I Have Been Mostly Reading..

October 15, 2009

Hello! Welcome back!

Its that time again where I’d like to take a moment to talk about people far more talented and successful than myself!

Today It’s Chris Ware, an American comic artist who’s created a number for amazing graphic novels and comics, one of which is called ‘Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid On Earth’ which I can barely put down.

What i especially like about the book is the way the story is told through his amazing pictures, sometimes there’s just pages and pages with no words (sometimes you don’t need them) and the pictures just speak for themselves,and other times It’s told through cool diagrams and quirky illustrations such as this!

ware_asleep The book is mainly  autobiographical, particularly Jimmy’s relationship with his dad.

I read on Wiki that Chris only met his father once in adulthood, while he was working on this book, and has remarked that his father’s attempts at humor and casualness were not unlike those he’d already created for Jimmy’s dad in the book. However, he’s said it is not a direct account of his personal life.

It is a really great book though, I’m just about at the end and i feel like i can really relate to weird little Jimmy and his bizarre imagination.


Anyhoo, If you come across this in a book/comic shop do have a flick through it, it’s a lovely lovely read :)

love nx

Big In Japan

October 9, 2009


Hope everyone’s doing well and enjoying the autumn, autumn’s my favourite season, aren’t the colours amazing?

Anyways I’ve been busy with some commissions recently,and just by coincidence the last few pictures I’ve done have all been Japanese themed!
The first one being this little picture.

I personally would LOVE to go to Japan, as its pretty much the robot capital of the world! and it also looks very pretty and I’ve heard it has jummy food.

Here’s another one i did which I’m quite proud of!


Well,that’s it for today,i have some more new art up very soon :)

Take care!


100 Days Of Monsters

September 30, 2009

Greetings spacefans!

Hope everyones doing good! I realise ive been blabbing about myself for a good while, so now’s about the time for me to talk about some other arty people that excite me.

I Cant quite remember how i stumbled apon Stefan Bucher, I think i was trawling through some comic forums and his name popped up, anyway, what i like about Stefan is he draws monsters every single day!

on his site there’s literally hundreds of them and a lot of the time poeple go on and write cool stories about them and its quickly becoming a little bit of a interweb phenomenon.

this guys my fav :)

bonemonseterStefan uses a really cool technique of blobbing ink then blowing it about to make cool shapes before turning it into a monster, i tried it myself, obviously its not quite as cool but not bad for a first try?

treeHe’s called tree boy, maybe someone could write him a story?

for more about Stefan have a peep at his site or have a swatch through his book,i got it from borders and its rad!

take care!

oops a wee edit here, i put a link to this on his site and look he got back!

stefan got back!



Wonky Drawing Is Good!

September 3, 2009

My lecturer showed me this video in collge the other day, i found it quite inspiring!

Steven Appleby is an illustrator and comic artist from England,and is also known to make the odd cartoon(like captain star,it was amazing).

If, like me, you have you have an interest in doodling and drawing you might find this interesting and educational!

Maybe I should make a little youtube how to?

For more about steven visit his mad site.

take care!


My Friend Marcia Furman

August 20, 2009

It has come to my attention that i have a habit of talking about other artists a lot more than myself, not to worry though! i have some new work on the horizon to show off but before that id like to talk about my arty friend from the states Marcia Furman.

Marcia’s from Butler in Pennsylvania, and like me is inspired by life experience, emotions and stories.  I like to think our art’s kind of similar in way, and some of her pictures have definitely helped pop some ideas in my head since we’ve been in contact.

did you ever have that feeling ‘did you ever have that feeling?’ (my fav :p)

i'll try anything ‘i’ll try anything’

resistant etsy ‘resistant’

I really love the thick texture they all have and how they all have stories behind them that seem innocent and simple but could also be seen as a lot more complex. i also think they’d be excellent in a picture book!( i get told that a lot, trust me it’s in the making).

If youd like to find out more about Marcia please check out her blog, myspace, facebook or have a peep at her etsy shop!

Thanks for reading!

take care nx

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