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A new start.

December 27, 2009

Hello! hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mines was lovely, It was mainly spent indoors watching the telly with the family and trying to eat and drink my own bodyweight.

Over the Christmas period i received quite an overwhelming amount of commissions, and to my surprise most of which were comic and computer games characters! and i knoow i said id stop posting up geeky stuff but i promise this is the last :P

Yes It’s Vault boy from fallout! and im pretty proud of how he turned out :)

Anyways,that’s all my Christmas stuff done so next on my agenda is getting a new exhibition together for springtime, im not going to say exactly what its about,mainly because i always change my mind at the last minute, but what i can say is that it’ll be a bit cosier than last time and although it’ll be a solo exhibition i’m aiming to get alot of other people involved :)

more soon!



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