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See when I said…

July 14, 2011

… that I’d be doing more Zelda pictures, I meant it!

This is one of the more memorable scenes from Ocarina of Time when you leave the kokiri forest for the first time and have a touching goodbye with your childhood friend Saria. I know it’s not really close to the game art because I’ve left out the faces etc but I thought it helped make it look slighty more symbolic, almost timeless like a blurry memory.

In other news I’ve just been busy plodding along with commissions and doing bits towards a book in between them.

Also here’s a sloth playing a banjo!

I’ve also put a couple of new things in my etsy store if anyone fancies a look!

Take care!



Busy Busy Busy

March 17, 2011

I’ve been quite productive lately!

I’d Just quickly like to let you know some of the wee things I’ve got in the works…

Firstly is something I’ve been planning for a long time now, a little book! It’s about a little ghost, and all the mad stuff you’d get up to if you were a ghost. I’ve been co-writing it with my pal Campbell, as although I like to think I’m good at pictures I’m actually useless with the words side of things.

Here’s a sneaky peak!

Also! I’ve been designing some T-shirts with one of my screen printing pals, do you think this would look cool on a shirt?

Also in the works is an exhibition at the end of the year and an epic zombie comic which should hopefully be done around then, here’s another sneaky peak!
Right that’s all for now pals!

Take care


Sketchbook Entry 24/9/10

September 24, 2010

I was thinking about this on the bus earlier, I think the hardest task for an artist of any type is to get out what’s exactly in their head. It’s something I definitely aspire to, to be able to put onto paper the exact imagine I’m imagining is my ultimate goal and it’s why I try to keep learning and try different approaches and mediums whenever I can.

Having that said, I did this with my new tablet earlier.

take care


Finding Inspiration:5 tips from me to you

August 23, 2010

Hello there!

Today I’d like to talk about inspiration and where it can come from.

As a creative, I continuously run into walls and blocks where my mind just gets stuck and won’t work, but as someone who depends on their creativity to generate an income I have no choice but to do my best to overcome them.

So I’ve made a short list, with details, of some of my methods of sparking imagination, I hope this’ll be useful not just for artists but for other creatives too.

1.Getting outside the box

We all have our comfort zones, we all know what we’re good at and what we’re not good at but it’s when we take a little jump out of these zones that we can sometimes find other things we’re good at.

I don’t necessarily mean try totally different things, I think it’s more important to experiment with different approaches to what you’re already doing, for example In an artistic context it’s good to try or mix mediums you wouldn’t usually use, subjects you’ve never studied before and colours you wouldn’t normally think of using.

A little trick I sometimes try is drawing something with my left hand, which gives a little wake up call to right side of my brain which often goes into auto pilot after a while.

2. Research the competition

It’s a well known rule of life that there’s always going to be someone better than you, doing what you want to do just that little bit better. Of course this isn’t a bad thing, it’s good to know the competition and it also can be inspiring whilst giving you a good sense of direction.

This is something I quite often do, be it buying magazines and books, keeping tabs on my favourite artists, checking blogs or even just googling ‘robot painting’ to see Eric Joyner pop up and place a firm boot to my back side.

3. Carry a sketchbook/note taking

Some of our best ideas are forgotten about, this was what my last exhibition was solely based on.

Keeping a sketchbook, pad or note taking device is essential for creatives because lets face it, do you remember every idea you had today?

Even if you are 100% sure that you’ll remember a certain idea by the time you get home or wake up the next day make sure you take note anyways. sometimes when I’m having a block I’ll look into old sketchbooks and find great ideas that I’d totally forgotten about, after a while they turn into little idea banks!

On another note I always get ideas just as I’m falling asleep so keep a pad and pencil next to my bed just incase, although most of the time I wake up to find random babbling.

4. Go for a walk
Sounds simple enough? personally most of my blocks occur in the house, getting out and getting a bit of air and space to think is sometimes all you need, that said it also pays to not whap in the headphones and listen to your head for a while instead of drowning it out.

5.  Write and reflect

If like me, your work is inspired by life and its events this can be a really helpful practice. Basically it involves writing loosely about anything, your day, you’re weekend, you’re relationship with someone, (it doesn’t have to be incredibly important) and in most cases you’ll come across something you’ve forgotten about that’s worth making something of.

It can sometimes even be as simple as having a little reminisce of past events until something pops.

Well Thats all I have to offer, I hope you enjoyed my little tips and hope that one or two comes in handy one day.

If you have any of your own please let me know!


Edinburgh Adventures

July 24, 2010

Hello everyone!

Just a wee update about my day today, It was mostly spent in Edinburgh in the Roxy Art House, there I set up shop for the day along with 20 something other designers and crafty types, basically my kind of people.

I took a wee picture of my stall mid set-up, I really need anew camera :/

It was a very lovely way to spent a saturday actually, I got talking to a lot of people about my stuff and even sold some bits and bobs.  I think for me though, I got the most out of talking with the other designers, especially the other illustrators, I don’t often get the chance to talk to like-minded people in person so for me that side of things was priceless.

But that’s not it! On my way home I decided to pop in to Edinburgh’s massive(compared to Glasgow’s) forbidden planet, where I almost exploded with excitement at the site of the thousands of comics and geeky memorabilia. It was in this nerd haven I found something very special, something I never dreamed of seeing with my own eyes, Chris Wares ‘Acme Novelty Library’. So without a second thought I nabbed it, and here it is.

Yes, as I previously said, I do need a new camera but you can clearly see it’s set apart from most comic books, first of all, it’s huge, secondly it has gold details that go round the spine. And on opening the book I was nothing short of amazed.

The amount of work and details that’s gone into the book is almost sickening,  to the point I almost want to give up. I just can’t get my head around how one man can do all this, from the delecate typography to the weaving story lines and amazingly technical drawings and perfet colouring, It’s almost beyond reason.

Well I guess on the plus side It’s always good to have something to aim for!

Sorry about my blabbing I got a bit carried away :P

Question time!

May 8, 2010

Hello Internets!

I’ve became a bit of a sheep and created a formspring but not for the usual reasons, see, I do get asked quite a lot of questions anyways like ‘Neil what paint do you use?’ or ‘Neil where do you get your mad ideas from?’ etc.
I think its a great wee place just for asking little things you normally wouldnt, I got a lot of great arty advice from Gemma Corrells and Marceline Smiths profiles, So I thought why not, maybe I can help some people out too.

So yea, if you have anything you’d like to ask fire away!

take care!


A Busy Week

February 21, 2010

Hello! hope everyone’s well!

Just a wee update on what I’ve been up to this week, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the time to do any new paintings etc as I’ve had a bit of band work on and was also celebrating my 23rd birthday for most of the week!
Anyways, I made a little hoodie design which I think turned out quite well!

My initial idea was do something with rorschach prints, but as i started making them a few of them turned out like pairs of lungs so from that i decided to go for a medical illustration approach.
As well as that i also got to work on a cover for the new single, which basically i tried to make as quickly and as cheaply as possible, it looks like this!

There was only a limited run of 100, and each one was that little bit different from the next, unfortunately they’re all gone now :(

In other news i got a fancy new printer for my birthday :) so ill be able to make my own art prints and maybe even little books!

stay tuned!


Another little Comic

November 4, 2009


Here’s another little comic I made today, It was for a college project, and as you can see ive done it digitally which isn’t usuall my usual medium but im quite happy of how it turned out!

And yea,I guess its along the same lines as chris ware’s stuff but i really liked the idea of an old man skydiving, you’re never too old yknow!


Prints now half price!

October 29, 2009

Yup! since its coming up for christmas and im feeling merry, ive put the price of my prints down from £12($20) to £6($10).

They are very limited printed lithographs, all signed and numbered, are amazing quality and look just like the originals!

Each comes with a free postcard :)

Have a look at my etsy shop here!


Mad People Who’ve Got My Stuff Tattooed

October 20, 2009

Hello! Hope your doing well!

Today I’d to talk about crazy people, they are crazy because they’ve got my stuff tattooed, which is very flattering, in fact i think it’s the ultimate compliment.

That said, I often get asked if i design my own tattoos or would get my own stuff tattooed and the answer to that would be no, I’m not that confident In my own work to be able to live with it to be honest.

Some people say an artist only sees their mistakes and that wouldn’t be far off on describing my feelings towards my own work.

anyhoo! check these out!

tattoo3tattoo2tattoo4tattoo1tattoo5That last one is my good mate Gary(Your High Frequency) who was actually on London Ink not too long ago getting a much cooler robot tattooed by Dan Gold! Osm!

take care!

p.s If anyone else is planning a robot tattoo let me know, i can always draw up custom designs!


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