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Sketchbook Entry 24/9/10

September 24, 2010

I was thinking about this on the bus earlier, I think the hardest task for an artist of any type is to get out what’s exactly in their head. It’s something I definitely aspire to, to be able to put onto paper the exact imagine I’m imagining is my ultimate goal and it’s why I try to keep learning and try different approaches and mediums whenever I can.

Having that said, I did this with my new tablet earlier.

take care



Dipping into Digital

September 16, 2010

I’ve always had a bit of a fascination and great respect for digital artists, mainly because although contrary to popular opinion, digital art is extremely tricky and just as time-consuming as traditional methods, it can also have the most amazing results.

So in my never ending quest for finding the perfect medium I went and bought a wacom tablet, not a big fancy one just the entry level chap, here he is!

So I had a little fart about and here’s how I got on;

Firstly I took a line drawing from one of my books, just a small sketch that had been floating about for a while.

From here I went straight in with the colouring, now granted that I’m pretty hopeless with photoshop I had a bit of a tough time and it ended up taking me around 2 hours to end up with this.

I guess it’s not bad for a first attempt but I can’t help but feel that it looks a bit too polished and a little bit lifeless.

So in my little huff I decided to go over the drawing in watercolours.

Which I think worked a bit better, that’s not to say I’ve given up on digital art, I just need to get better at it and spend a bit of time trying to used the tablet and photoshop etc so If anyone has any tips or knows of any good tutorials let me know!


A little funny

August 7, 2009

Hello! hope everyone’s well, i must apologize for not posting for a while, ive been working through some commissions and some other bits and bobs, anyways, just a short note to show you a funny picture i made today in my free time.

that bird totally pwned him!

sorry : P


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