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A Link To The Past

November 21, 2009



As some of you may know im a massive computer games nut, and my favourite series hands down is the legend of Zelda!

So to pay tribute to this i painted a little scene from ocarina of time (widely known as the best game ever.)

This is Link vs Volvagia!

I honestly had the most fun in the world painting this :)

In other news i have some exciting stuff going on over the Christmas period, more about that soon :P

take care!



Starting Again.

November 3, 2009

Taking a break from college and commissions (and all the stuff i should be doing),I decided to take the day off and paint for myself, and this is what came about.
I guess it’s about wanting to get away from everything, almost like that ‘need a holiday’ feeling although i also wanted to delve a little bit into possessions and if you’d be the same person if you put them all in a big fire.

Hope you like it!


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