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I blame nintendo

August 9, 2009

Todays little doodle is a symbol of one of my most favourite things ever, computer games! and most of all nintendo computer games!

Yeap, nintendos always been there for me,ive had pretty much every console and handheld, except for some of the game boy spin offs.

Actually thinking about it, computer games had a massive effect on my doodles as a child, and quite possibly started me drawing alltogether.

I remember all my school jotters being absolutely plastered in marios,links and sonics (yea i know he’s not nintendo) and although id keep getting into trouble i kept it up right through secondary school.

I’d like to admit i think ill always be into computer games, and one day id love to be able to do some concept art towards one.

just another thing on my long list of stuff id love to do!

Also while im on the subject ill like to congratulate the game boy on its 20th anniversary!

Hope everyone’s peachy!



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