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Picking up the brush again

October 25, 2010

I have a new painting to show off, and no it’s not a little sketch or a glorified doodle it’s an actual painting which took me a good week (on and off) to finish!

To be honest, I’d love to blab for ages and ages about what it represents and how it has a deep philosophical meaning but the truth is I just wanted to paint and this is what came out.

Beforehand I was flicking through some of my old books and found a doodle of a robot sitting at a bar and I thought to myself ‘I’d really like to paint that’ so I went ahead just for fun of painting something.

Having that said, it might actually be a sneak preview of some of the stuff that’ll be going into the next exhibition :p



Is it…..a Dinosaur?!

November 12, 2009

Just a quick little painting today, I was having a little flick through some of my sketchbooks and found a doodle of this, at the time i was wondering if in millions of years robots will come across fossilized humans and put them in museums etc(yup that’s the kinda stuff I think about.)

I’m sure It’s entirely possible :P

Have a nice day!


100 Days Of Monsters

September 30, 2009

Greetings spacefans!

Hope everyones doing good! I realise ive been blabbing about myself for a good while, so now’s about the time for me to talk about some other arty people that excite me.

I Cant quite remember how i stumbled apon Stefan Bucher, I think i was trawling through some comic forums and his name popped up, anyway, what i like about Stefan is he draws monsters every single day!

on his site there’s literally hundreds of them and a lot of the time poeple go on and write cool stories about them and its quickly becoming a little bit of a interweb phenomenon.

this guys my fav :)

bonemonseterStefan uses a really cool technique of blobbing ink then blowing it about to make cool shapes before turning it into a monster, i tried it myself, obviously its not quite as cool but not bad for a first try?

treeHe’s called tree boy, maybe someone could write him a story?

for more about Stefan have a peep at his site or have a swatch through his book,i got it from borders and its rad!

take care!

oops a wee edit here, i put a link to this on his site and look he got back!

stefan got back!




August 1, 2009

Ive been trying to think of some new characters recently and while i was sitting on the train today this little idea popped in my head.
i thought it must be quite hard being a vampire, especially if you have a bit of a guilty conscience.
so i got out my little black book (no not that one) and doodled this little guy.

As you can see he’s having a little trouble adapting to being a vampire, though im sure one day he will bite a real person, or even a real bear!

I like the name Horris, i dont know why but i think it suits him, I also thought a nice black gothic wooden frame would suit him so i made it so!

A perfect match!

Hope everyones good!

Thanks for reading take care!


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