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My Little Black Book.

October 20, 2009

Being the arty type that I am, I usually carry about a little sketchbook, mostly for jotting down little ideas here and there,sometimes for writing down important information and other times it’s used as a journal/diary.

Its amazing what you can do with blank paper! :P

Anyways,usually when a friend’s close by they’ll ask for a flick through to see what I’ve been putting in it, so today I thought I’d scan in one of the more presentable pages to pop up on here for everyone to see :)


as you can see its all nonsense and scribbles but i thought I’d share it anyway!

take care.



Another one of my favourite illustrators

July 28, 2009

Hello! I’d like to share with you another one of my favourite illustrators.

Today its the ever popular Oliver Jeffers who not only is a fantastic illustrator but also a great story teller,who has written some of the best kids books Ive ever read (yea i still read kids books who doesn’t!)

This picture is from ‘lost and found’ a story about a boy trying to help a lost penguin!


It’s a very heartwarming story and i’d recommend it to anyone,even if your a grown up.
What i love about Olivers work is its so simple,and every picture tells the story so well,so well in fact i doubt the books even need words at all!
He’s also a master of watercolours which I’m very envious of.

*sigh* one day!

For more about oliver check out his site or even better your closest book shop to have a swatch for yourself!

have an osm day!


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