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Sketchbook Entry 12/11/10

November 12, 2010


So I got home from work today feeling a bit creative, but only having an hour or so to spare before I went back out. I thought to myself ‘maybe instead of doing my usual faffing about with computers or flicking through tv channels I’ll set myself a little challenge?’ like making and finishing something within the hour.

It was originally made of 2 or 3 different pictures but I ended up cropping it lots as I like this composition better. Anyways, It’s about me fancying someone.

In other news I have recently acquired a new robot, I think he looks like a Percy, wouldn’t you say?

As always, any feedback on my work is more than welcome!

take care nx


My Little Black Book.

October 20, 2009

Being the arty type that I am, I usually carry about a little sketchbook, mostly for jotting down little ideas here and there,sometimes for writing down important information and other times it’s used as a journal/diary.

Its amazing what you can do with blank paper! :P

Anyways,usually when a friend’s close by they’ll ask for a flick through to see what I’ve been putting in it, so today I thought I’d scan in one of the more presentable pages to pop up on here for everyone to see :)


as you can see its all nonsense and scribbles but i thought I’d share it anyway!

take care.


Ok so William Fitzsimmons messaged me..

October 3, 2009

When i got home from work today (yup,got a part time job,bloody credit crunch.) I had a check through myspace mail and what do i find but a message from one my favourite songwriters William Fitzsimmons! It looked like this…

Amazing! prior to that message, like a total fanboy, I had sent him some art that he inspired, not really thinking he’d reply but why not eh? now I don’t really know what to say back!

I get quite alot of ideas from music actually, sometimes lyrics or phrases pop pictures in my noggin, this was one of them…

I got the idea from William song ‘Please forgive me(Song of the Crow)’ where the first line is “My demons walk with me…”  It’s a really nice song actually, one of my favs :)

Anyways, I’m going to get myself together and reply to this most unexpected message, for a peep at Williams music and my favourite song try his myspace.

In other news by band will be in rock sound magazine on wednesday so fingers crossed we get a good reveiw!

in the meantime have a good weekend!


Who watches Neil the criminal?

August 2, 2009

Yesterday, I committed a crime, a small crime but a crime none the less.

I indulged in a bit of graffiti and defaced a train, but not like the trains you’d see in the states plastered roof to rail in peoples tags and fancy lettering, it was only a wee thing, infact, just a squiggle.

see I’m a big geek and like my comics so when i saw a smiley face beside my seat i couldn’t help but take my red pen out and turn it into the watchmen smiley.

ta da!

stick it to the man!

No doubt it won’t be long till I’m being locked up for plastering the whole town in killer robots, come to think about it, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

In the near future ill pop up some info on some of my favourite graffiti artists, don’t worry they’re a lot more hardcore than me.

take care! nx

Lets start with the art

July 16, 2009

As i am sure most people love to hear about my weekends,i am also sure most people reading this will like to know about my artistic habits.  After all that is the main purpose of this blog.

My most recent doodle was a present for someone special, who at the time i missed a bit.

I also included some lyrics from a greg laswell song.

 my dream I find it a bit funny that this is the first time i’ve included lyrics in a piece, half of the time my stuff’s been inspired by words in songs and things.


Where to start?

July 15, 2009

For the past ever,ive been meaning to get into the world of blogging.

Also a handful of people said they might actually read it so hey! why not?

But where do i start?

lets start with the weekend! me and some mateys went to T in the Park (a scottish festival just incase your not local.) and dressed up as rock ’em sock ’em robots!

rock em sock em!

I am the red one!

Anyhoo thanks for reading! nx

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