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Made In The Shade @ The Lighthouse

September 22, 2009


I hope everyones been having a lovely week,mines has been mental busy with band and college stuff and i also started a new job!

Anyhoo I’d like to share with you some news about my next stall this Saturday.

Its in the Lighthouse gallery in Glasgow,Mitchell lane to be exact and its part of Made In The Shade, probably the most amazing indie shopping event ever!

As well as fantastic art (i know,so modest)there is also heaps of handmade crafty jems, vintage clothes, amazing cakes, smelly things, and tons of other cool things.

It runs from 10.30 till 5 and is completely free :)

Unfortunately i can’t be there personally (although i’ll try really hard,im in wales the night before) so my lovely friend Morven will be running the stall, we’ll have some new paintings, prints, postcards the lot.

So if your from around glasgow please please please come and have a look :)

oh! a little poster before i forget.


for more info please visit Made In The Shade’s lovely blog!

take care peeps!



On the easel

September 16, 2009

Hello peeps!

I’ve had the loveliest day off today so why don’t we have a little catch up?
well mainly Ive been working through commissions over the past few weeks, which is great as i have work on, but its been tough trying to squeeze in my personal work though its getting there,i have a good few ideas ill be developing over the next week or so.
One quite recent work was this…
socks 031It started out as a commission before the client unfortunately dissappeared off the face of the earth, which was a shame because i was quite proud of it :/ it reminded me of a lovely moment me and my first girlfriend had.

so the poor reglected picture hung in my room for ages untill a close friend snapped it up.

a happy ending! more stuffs soon!


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