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Just Draw

April 21, 2011

I’ve always been a firm believer in sketchbooks. I think it’s vital for any creative to keep paper and writing implements within arms reach at all times. I myself have got sketchbooks of all shapes and sizes in almost all the rooms in my house as well pocket-sized and bag friendly pads.
But having paper around is one thing, having ideas around is another. And I guess I just haven’t been having any ideas lately. I dunno if it’s because of the mental weight of commissioned work or even the stresses of trying to find work but nothings really been poppin in the noggin.
SO this week I’ve just been saying to myself ‘just draw’ just for the fun of drawing, like back in my school days where I’d plaster my jotters with ninja turtles and monsters along with the odd link or sonic. Mainly because I much prefered dreaming away in my own little world than listening to the teacher.

Right I’ll shut up now, here’s a scan of my sketchbook(click it for a larger view). I’m going to try really hard to get one up once or twice a week.

Take care!



A Link To The Past

November 21, 2009



As some of you may know im a massive computer games nut, and my favourite series hands down is the legend of Zelda!

So to pay tribute to this i painted a little scene from ocarina of time (widely known as the best game ever.)

This is Link vs Volvagia!

I honestly had the most fun in the world painting this :)

In other news i have some exciting stuff going on over the Christmas period, more about that soon :P

take care!


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