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‘Shut up about comics Neil’

July 28, 2010

Nup, I’m gonna talk about comics for eeeeever, or at least for this post then i’ll be done for a wee while.

As many of you know, I love getting Mail, especially from real people. Well today I received a comic! It’s called ‘The Lobster King’ and it’s written and drawn swedish illustrator Clara Bessijelle .

Reading through the comic is like being transported to a surrealist painting where things are just that little bit darker and stranger yet still retaining a dream like quality.I actually had the pleasure of meeting Clara last year, she was living next door for a wee while and I got to show her around Glasgow, as well as showing her some of my naff pictures. The whole experience was quite expiring actually and since then I’ve gotten more into indie comics, to the extend I’ve started working on one myself but shhh it’s a secret.

Anyhoo for more about Clara check out her blog.

oop before I go,I did another zelda picture!

well that’s me for today, take care!


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