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March 31, 2013


Hello everyone hope you’re doing well!

I don’t have much to say this week (crazy right?) but I do have some comics for you! I’ve been trying to get better at digital drawing and colouring so the first three are just silly ideas that I’ve made partly as little exercises and partly for the lolz. The strip at the very bottom was actually published in Kerrang! magazine last month! Woo! Click on them for bigness.








Well let me know what you think!

Take care



Amazing Invention #16

January 9, 2011

This is a prime example of why I carry a sketchbook about, because sometimes gold like this pops in my head.

I’ve actually got some friends who knit so it’s possible I could turn this into a real thing, maybe I could go on dragons’ den?

Anyways that’s all!


Sketchbook Entry 12/11/10

November 12, 2010


So I got home from work today feeling a bit creative, but only having an hour or so to spare before I went back out. I thought to myself ‘maybe instead of doing my usual faffing about with computers or flicking through tv channels I’ll set myself a little challenge?’ like making and finishing something within the hour.

It was originally made of 2 or 3 different pictures but I ended up cropping it lots as I like this composition better. Anyways, It’s about me fancying someone.

In other news I have recently acquired a new robot, I think he looks like a Percy, wouldn’t you say?

As always, any feedback on my work is more than welcome!

take care nx

Sketchbook Entry 24/9/10

September 24, 2010

I was thinking about this on the bus earlier, I think the hardest task for an artist of any type is to get out what’s exactly in their head. It’s something I definitely aspire to, to be able to put onto paper the exact imagine I’m imagining is my ultimate goal and it’s why I try to keep learning and try different approaches and mediums whenever I can.

Having that said, I did this with my new tablet earlier.

take care


Prints now half price!

October 29, 2009

Yup! since its coming up for christmas and im feeling merry, ive put the price of my prints down from £12($20) to £6($10).

They are very limited printed lithographs, all signed and numbered, are amazing quality and look just like the originals!

Each comes with a free postcard :)

Have a look at my etsy shop here!


My Little Black Book.

October 20, 2009

Being the arty type that I am, I usually carry about a little sketchbook, mostly for jotting down little ideas here and there,sometimes for writing down important information and other times it’s used as a journal/diary.

Its amazing what you can do with blank paper! :P

Anyways,usually when a friend’s close by they’ll ask for a flick through to see what I’ve been putting in it, so today I thought I’d scan in one of the more presentable pages to pop up on here for everyone to see :)


as you can see its all nonsense and scribbles but i thought I’d share it anyway!

take care.


Sewn Back Up.

October 13, 2009

Hello! hope everyone’s keeping well!

I apologize for the lack of updated on this here blog, I’ve been working quite a lot and am still knee deep in commissions, although I did make a little promise to myself to try and update this thing as often as i could and I stand by it!

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but I’ve recently taken a little fancy to watercolours, maybe its just because their fairly quick and fast drying but I think its more because of their unpredictability, as opposed to acrylics where sometimes the work can end up looking a bit tight and a bit too perfect, I think watercolours and inks really loosen you up and for that reason they’re a bit more fun!

Anyways I’m going to stop talking about paint now and show you a little picture (I’m not a big fan of words without pictures :P) I did it fairly recently for a close friend of mine.

And yes it’s done in watercolour and Indian ink!

Can i just give a little thanks to everyone who’s been reading the blog, I set it up thinking nobody would ever read my nonsense but it seems I’ve been getting some steady hits and its also great to get some feedback.

Thanks you!


Ok so William Fitzsimmons messaged me..

October 3, 2009

When i got home from work today (yup,got a part time job,bloody credit crunch.) I had a check through myspace mail and what do i find but a message from one my favourite songwriters William Fitzsimmons! It looked like this…

Amazing! prior to that message, like a total fanboy, I had sent him some art that he inspired, not really thinking he’d reply but why not eh? now I don’t really know what to say back!

I get quite alot of ideas from music actually, sometimes lyrics or phrases pop pictures in my noggin, this was one of them…

I got the idea from William song ‘Please forgive me(Song of the Crow)’ where the first line is “My demons walk with me…”  It’s a really nice song actually, one of my favs :)

Anyways, I’m going to get myself together and reply to this most unexpected message, for a peep at Williams music and my favourite song try his myspace.

In other news by band will be in rock sound magazine on wednesday so fingers crossed we get a good reveiw!

in the meantime have a good weekend!


The Idea Of Safety

September 29, 2009


Hope everyones well!

Today I’d like to blab about a semi recent work called ‘the idea of safety’

I made this a few months ago and only just recently remembered how fond i was of it.

i miss it a bit actually!

It started off as a commission for someone, but as per i changed the subject to suit something i wanted to paint.

What i was trying to put across was the feeling of being safe and how outside dangers can enhance that, I’ve always loved the feeling of being in bed all cosy whilst there’s a thunderstorm or other kind of nasty weather going on outside.

I find it a bit romantic actually, thinking about it I actually met my girlfriend in a coffee shop while it was all snowy outside. magical!

if you liked the picture have a peek at kurt halseys stuff!

right that’s my blabbing for today,

Id just like to say a big thanks to everyone who made it along to made in the shade at the lighthouse gallery on Saturday, I had a great day and hope to do it again soon!

thanks for reading! take care!


On the easel

September 16, 2009

Hello peeps!

I’ve had the loveliest day off today so why don’t we have a little catch up?
well mainly Ive been working through commissions over the past few weeks, which is great as i have work on, but its been tough trying to squeeze in my personal work though its getting there,i have a good few ideas ill be developing over the next week or so.
One quite recent work was this…
socks 031It started out as a commission before the client unfortunately dissappeared off the face of the earth, which was a shame because i was quite proud of it :/ it reminded me of a lovely moment me and my first girlfriend had.

so the poor reglected picture hung in my room for ages untill a close friend snapped it up.

a happy ending! more stuffs soon!


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